Friday, 16 May 2014

Our Services:

Web Development:

1.          Website Design
2.          CMS (Admin Control panel)
3.          Domain Booking
4.          Server Booking
5.          SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
(Package : 5 page web design with CMS, Domain name booking & Server booking in Rs. 8000/=) (SEO: Quarterly – 6000/=, Half yearly – 10800/=, Yearly: 18000/=) 

Customize Software development:

1.          Accounts software
2.          Office automation software.
3.          Business related software.
4.          Payroll system.

Hardware Support:

1.          New computer installation.
2.          Computer parts repair.
3.          LAN configuration.
4.          Traubel shooting.
5.          AMC (Annual maintenance).
( On call Visit rate : 250/=, other charges as per work and maintenance)

Special Attraction :

We are providing Single SIM multi recharge* software (LAPU) and modem in best price. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Transind Solution has a pool of deep domain experts in every domain of our service offering. These are our blueprint to define and refine our technical solutions from a business perspective. This team enables us to think from business perspective, provide the right technical solution and create business value.
Our metrics oriented sourcing strategy enables us to identify right skills to address your sourcing needs. We gather metrics to refine our process of staffing and today we have very High HIT ratio (Selected/Interviewed), (High Retention rate) with least attrition rate compared to the industry standards. Transind Solution takes pride to mention that our employees have the right skill, real time experience and positive attitude to make things perfect.


Transind is committed to lay emphasis on human values and personal relations, a non-discriminatory work culture, proper communication, transparency and human relations. Quality control is our one of the another attribute. We scrutinize at every stage of development, a dedicated testing team checks for bugs, usability problems as well as universal compatibility.